about me

My name is Ans Werker, born in 1948 in Amsterdam

Since 1980 I live in a lovely little town in The Netherlands together with my 2 little dogs and 1 cat.

All my life I have been creative in many ways.

When I was young I did a lot of drawing and later when I was a bit older I took a lot of courses.

Mostly figure drawing and some graphic techniques courses.

And I took a course of 1 year at the Rietveldacademie in Amsterdam.


Due to different personal circumstances I stopped  at all with drawing and painting at the age of 40 and in 2004 I started to sculpt dolls.
I wrote a book about sculpting real life size babydolls in Dutch and English.
You can read all about this at my website and also order my Ebook about sculpting babydolls

A couple of years ago I found my old love again: drawing and painting.

I took a distance learning course Botanical Illustration at a college in England.

When I finished the Botancial Illustration course and received a Certificate with Merit I wanted to develop my skills more.

Fortunately after searching the internet for online Botanical art  I found another great tutor in Australia Leonie Norton and also Julie Douglas in the UK.

In 2013 I discovered the miniature world. I already sculpted my baby dolls smaller and smaller but as small as the dollhouse dolls I did not sculpted before. They are soo cute. I sell these tiny dolls.
At my website I show many of my dolls and you will find tutorials.

It has always been my wish to learn to paint fine art with oilpaint and in 2014 I found a great tutor in my home town.  I enjoy it sooo much.
I discover that what I have learned with the other (online) courses I can use the skills and knowledge with the fine artpainting.

In 2016 I started an online course for beginners in Botanisch drawing and painting in Dutch and English.


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