Thursday, 29 December 2016

portrait of a man in graphite pencil

I just finished this portrait. It is a gift for the birthday of my teacher, it is a portrait of her husband.
Very difficult to take good pictures of such a drawing. The paper is really white, a bit blueish I think. I always have to alter the photos and I always am not satisfied about the result. Of course every screen of a computer, laptop and such is different and therefor pictures are darker or lighter than at my screens.
It seems that my screens are a bit light in comparison to the ones of others.
So I place 2 pictures, in different ways altered.
Of course I like the original the most but once I gave the portrait away I only have the photo to look at. That's why I want good photos of my work.
The top one is softer, the bottom one is clearer but a bit harsh and a bit too much contrast. I do not know which one I find the best in comparison to the original drawing.


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