Friday, 19 June 2015

underlayers of 3 little paintings "Old Master Technique"

For the Summer months I started 3 little paintings (15x20cm) I want to work on them without the help of my tutor. The next course will start in September.

On the painting of the Waterlily I worked 7 days and many many hours of painting only this first underlayer.
The background with the detailed leaves took very long to paint. The Waterlily has other challenges. The white and the shadows are not easy to get right
Many other underlayers will be added before I will start to ad layers of color.

Yesterday I worked on the face of this portrait of a little girl after a painting of Bougeaurau. Today I will work on the hair and the bottom.

And soon I will begin to work at the portrait of the dog.
I like to work on several different paintings at the same time so I do not have to wait till a layer is dry.

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