Wednesday, 10 June 2015

old master oilpainting still life finished, overview of all the stages

Finally I finished a still life. 20x30cm.
It took a long time to paint this in the style of the old masters.
Monique Eysink, my very skillfull and patient teacher have learned me a lot about the proces of fine art painting.

This is the result of 30 lessons I had for 1 year and Oh boy! I learned so much in this year.
Often I had the feeling that it was too difficult to master this old master technique.
And I still have so much to learn about colour and putting layers of (transparant) colour on top of each other.
I will concentrate on that for the next year.

But for the first time I feel I finally can paint!
Not smearing oilpaint on the surface but handling the oilpaint and the brushes the right way.
I started already 2 other paintings, look at my next posts and I start another one tomorrow at my last lesson of the season.
Thanks very much!!! Monique Eysink. Till after the summer holidays. I already look forward to it.

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