Wednesday, 10 June 2015

First layer of two new oil paintings, 15x20cm

I started 2 new oil paintings, one of a portrait of a dog and one of a little girl after the well known painter bouguereau. I love the paintings of this painter.

Only the first layer is added to the pieces of MDF. They both are 15x20 cm.

The color I used for these fine art painting method is raw umber and Titian white.
In the next layers, after this layer is dry, more details are added and I try to give it more depth and by adding darker color and white.

I love the color mixed with the umber and white.
It looks like an old photograph.

I want to paint  the portrait of the little girl only in using the umber and white and only add in the portrait of the dog some warmer brown/reddish.
Also the white is not really white but contains a lot of color other colors, cool and warm.
A real challenge.

But I am so proud that I managed to get all the things in the right places.
The painting of the dog sofar took me 4 days of hard work, but I loved it!


  1. I just view your blog and enjoyed it very much. As a view of your art, the one thing that for me is annoying is your printed signature. It looks fake and in some cases overwhelms the fine work of your art...

  2. Dennis thanks very much for your comment. Much appreciated for sure.
    The signatures are not present on the real painting.
    I just add it to protect my work on the internet.Unfortunately I have to do so. You are so right that it does not look great, but I had experiences in the past that pictures of my work were used to make a profit without mentioning my name and give credit to me.
    Such a shame. I hope you will visit my blog again in the future.
    Have a lovely day, many greetings.

    1. I have read where art has been stolen and then prints made for sale... terrible. I noticed some of your work had natural signatures. Thanks for your explanation. You are a very talented lady....


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