Saturday, 28 March 2015

hydreanga flower, oilpaint, underlayer, first stage

To relax a bit and as a great excercise I started a new painting.
I am painting the underlayer with Titian white and raw omber. I love this color mix.

This is the first layer and it took me many hours so far. I have to paint the leaves the same way and then................. yes, start over and paint everything again. I have to add pure white to lift the lightest places and make other parts also lighter and sometimes other parts darker. But not too dark though

The Titian white oilpaint sink somewhat in and therefor I have to put another layer on top of the first layer. Perhaps I have to repeat this process befor I can add some transparant layers of color.
Size of this little painting is 15x20cm and I use MDF with a couple of layers of grey acrylic paint on it and I sand the surface really smooth.

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