Friday, 2 January 2015

little oilpainting of 2 cherries

After I have been busy of learning the slow process of fine art oilpainting I want to paint also wet in wet.
I tried before many times but I got so frustrated.
I could not handle the oilpaint and after a while it became a mess.
Yesterday I started again and this time it did not became a mess but I succeeded in painting this little painting of 2 cherries.
At last..... sigh.
I think I have learned a lot the last couple of months about working with oilpaint and I am so delighted.
I always wanted to paint like this and now, at the age of almost 67............... What a joy!

I painted these cherries on MDF, size 25x25cm, underground grey acryl.
I did use the paint right out of the tube, so no medium at all.

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