Monday, 28 December 2015

OILPAINTING old woman portrait black and white

A while ago I finished this portrait of an old woman. I found the photo on the internet.
The woman is suffering from Alzheimer and I was struck by her eyes.
You can see her confusion, not understanding.
I try to catch her expression with painting her in black and white. Her world is I think without colour, without details.
I hope you feel the same as I do.
This portrait is 20x15cm and painted on an MDF panel.
It took many many hours and I love to paint all those creases and folds of het skin.
A real challenge and I learned a lot.

Monday, 20 July 2015

STUDIES oilpaint after a painting of Bartner

I started a project for the Summer months to practise with oilpaint and most of oil with color.
So I took a beautiful photo of a painting of Scott E. Bartner
It is such a beautiful detailed portrait.
I took 4 canvasses of 20x20cm and transferred a drawing on them with black ink.
The first one I made it in a warm black/grey/white= Ivory black, raw umber and flake white. The three tiny highlights on the tip of the nose and in the eyes are Titianwhite. I love Flake white, it is not so harsh like Titian.
I took 3 photos of the painting process and here they are.
The first photo on top was disappointing, the white was absorbed and the picture became far too dark.
I shrubbed the paint into the canvas.
 The second photo: I added more white paint and light grey tones and added more details
 Still not satisfied. Too much oneven coloring and tones.
So I mixed a big pile of the Ivory black and Raw Umber, flake white and 7 or 8 mixes grey with it, so I would get the same mix of paint (color and tone) everywhere.
And now she is finished.
And then to practise with color I started 3 canvases with different color backgrounds and different approaches.
The one on the left I put as a backgroundcolor a medium tone fleshcolor on it.
The middle canvas stayed white and I used Ivory black and Titian  for the first layers, still a lot of work has to be done.
The portrait on the right I put as a background color Ocre (Oker)
I added some color to the drawings but I found the colors too harsh, too much, so I mixed a very light fleshcolor with flake white and this almost transparant paint I painted it over the whole portrait to mute it a bit..
Not the background though. On the background I added some color.

Friday, 26 June 2015

second and third layer Old Master Technique 2 oil pantings

After long hours painting I show you the result of the second layer on the painting of the portrait of the dog and the third layer on the painting of the portrait of the little girl.
A lot of work to do.

Friday, 19 June 2015

underlayers of 3 little paintings "Old Master Technique"

For the Summer months I started 3 little paintings (15x20cm) I want to work on them without the help of my tutor. The next course will start in September.

On the painting of the Waterlily I worked 7 days and many many hours of painting only this first underlayer.
The background with the detailed leaves took very long to paint. The Waterlily has other challenges. The white and the shadows are not easy to get right
Many other underlayers will be added before I will start to ad layers of color.

Yesterday I worked on the face of this portrait of a little girl after a painting of Bougeaurau. Today I will work on the hair and the bottom.

And soon I will begin to work at the portrait of the dog.
I like to work on several different paintings at the same time so I do not have to wait till a layer is dry.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

First layer of two new oil paintings, 15x20cm

I started 2 new oil paintings, one of a portrait of a dog and one of a little girl after the well known painter bouguereau. I love the paintings of this painter.

Only the first layer is added to the pieces of MDF. They both are 15x20 cm.

The color I used for these fine art painting method is raw umber and Titian white.
In the next layers, after this layer is dry, more details are added and I try to give it more depth and by adding darker color and white.

I love the color mixed with the umber and white.
It looks like an old photograph.

I want to paint  the portrait of the little girl only in using the umber and white and only add in the portrait of the dog some warmer brown/reddish.
Also the white is not really white but contains a lot of color other colors, cool and warm.
A real challenge.

But I am so proud that I managed to get all the things in the right places.
The painting of the dog sofar took me 4 days of hard work, but I loved it!

old master oilpainting still life finished, overview of all the stages

Finally I finished a still life. 20x30cm.
It took a long time to paint this in the style of the old masters.
Monique Eysink, my very skillfull and patient teacher have learned me a lot about the proces of fine art painting.

This is the result of 30 lessons I had for 1 year and Oh boy! I learned so much in this year.
Often I had the feeling that it was too difficult to master this old master technique.
And I still have so much to learn about colour and putting layers of (transparant) colour on top of each other.
I will concentrate on that for the next year.

But for the first time I feel I finally can paint!
Not smearing oilpaint on the surface but handling the oilpaint and the brushes the right way.
I started already 2 other paintings, look at my next posts and I start another one tomorrow at my last lesson of the season.
Thanks very much!!! Monique Eysink. Till after the summer holidays. I already look forward to it.

hydreanga finished, very colorfull

In finished the little painting of a hydreanga flower. 15x20cm
What a joy to paint all those tiny flowers.
Very difficult to take photographs. The layers of colors are so subtle and the underground is shining through.

I learned so much from painting this subject.
To see and paint all the different shapes and the many many tones.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

Hydreanga, oilpaint, old master technique, next stage

This is the second layer of umber and white oilpaint.
The underlayer must be painted in very light tones, so when the transparant color layers will be painted on top of the underlayer the light will shine through.
And it looks like the painting is glowing from the inside.
The second photo looks more crispier and not so flat anymore.
Not easy to take a picture of though.
The different tones are so subtile and the photo looks on the screen a bit too harsh.
I have particulary problems with painting leaves so they are still in an early stage.

Saturday, 28 March 2015

hydreanga flower, oilpaint, underlayer, first stage

To relax a bit and as a great excercise I started a new painting.
I am painting the underlayer with Titian white and raw omber. I love this color mix.

This is the first layer and it took me many hours so far. I have to paint the leaves the same way and then................. yes, start over and paint everything again. I have to add pure white to lift the lightest places and make other parts also lighter and sometimes other parts darker. But not too dark though

The Titian white oilpaint sink somewhat in and therefor I have to put another layer on top of the first layer. Perhaps I have to repeat this process befor I can add some transparant layers of color.
Size of this little painting is 15x20cm and I use MDF with a couple of layers of grey acrylic paint on it and I sand the surface really smooth.

still life old masters technique next stage

After many hours of painting this is the result. Of course still a lot of work to do, like the lemon, the plate and the background have to be muted a bit.
Monique Eysink, is a great teacher, I am learning so much from her.
And I am loving this kind of technique.

Saturday, 14 February 2015

next stage still life oilpainting

I worked at the background, I think it works well.
And I painted the first pear.
Still many layers of paint all over is needed.
Some of the colors need to be deepened, some to be lighter, some to be toned dow, some to be brighter, etc, etc.
And of course I need to paint the two other pears first.

little Chihuahua in needle felt

Recently I starte with needle felting animals. And I love it. I am working at a small Chihuahua dog.
It is not easy to take pictures so I will try to take other better pictures soon.
She has to go to the hairdresser.
I just finished in adding hair to the body. I still have to work on her face and she will get a beautiful longhaired tail.

I have a shorthair and a longhair Chihuahua so I can look at them to get it right.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

next steps of the Old Masters technique paintings

Slowly, slowly is the progress, but it is a lot of work this technique.
In my previous posts you can see the steps I already have taken to get to this stage.
This is only the first layer of color.
Still a long way to go, many layers of color, many details to be added.

Friday, 2 January 2015

little oilpainting of 2 cherries

After I have been busy of learning the slow process of fine art oilpainting I want to paint also wet in wet.
I tried before many times but I got so frustrated.
I could not handle the oilpaint and after a while it became a mess.
Yesterday I started again and this time it did not became a mess but I succeeded in painting this little painting of 2 cherries.
At last..... sigh.
I think I have learned a lot the last couple of months about working with oilpaint and I am so delighted.
I always wanted to paint like this and now, at the age of almost 67............... What a joy!

I painted these cherries on MDF, size 25x25cm, underground grey acryl.
I did use the paint right out of the tube, so no medium at all.

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