Saturday, 27 December 2014

second layer on the lemon painting

This lemon is big, a lot more than lifesize and therefor it is sooo hard to paint the large parts. The little indentions are very difficult to achieve. I started with painting on to the flat surface and give it some structure. It gives me a base to go further. But like the other paintings I am working on, I wait till the my next lesson and ask my tutor how to do the next layer.
So at the first photo you can see the first layer and at the second photo I made the flesh of the lemon a bit lighter and I covered the smooth surface of the lemon with some structure. Still ...... a lot of working to do for sure before I can add some transparant layers of color to it.

second layer grapes

 This is the first layer of this small excercise. My tutor recommended me to start with grapes. I did not erased the drawing enough so I have soo much difficulties to get rid of these lines. So lesson learned:-)  As you can see at the second photo I added more white and soften the whole painting. It is a great excercise for sure.
This is the second layer of paint. I have to wait till the next lesson to ask my tutor how to progress.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

first layer painting grapes

I started a big painting, wow. I have so much to learn. I have a great teacher: Monique Eysink. I have to wait till after the holidays to show her the progress and to ask questions. Till then I will continue working at some smaller paintings/studies.
I used umber and titatian white for the underlayers.
I have to add more layers so the white will be white and the darkest is the darkest.
So building up.
A great adventure.
As you can see athe the second photo that I made the first layer lighter otherwise when I put the layers of colors on top of it the value/tones will get too dark.
It's a learning process indeed.
I put some background on top of the grey to be able to see the contrasts better.

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