Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Billy Showell started an online course

Billy Showell started an online course. You can be a student for a month or for longer. You can pay each month or she has also the possibillity to pay in advance for a year  at a cheaper price.
It costs you only  9.99 GBP and for a full year 89.88 GBP.

Every two weeks she will be adding a new project.
And you can view 5, 6 or even 9 videos about one subject.
These videos are such a delight.
Her previous videos also were very informative but these videos are and will be made like she wanted them to be and she is sooo much more relaxed.
The quality of the videos are superb.
So........ I think you can understand by now: I am very delighted that she started these online tutorials.
In case you want to see some free videos... you will find them also at her website so you can see what you will get.
This is the subscribe page: subscription page Billy Showell

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