Sunday, 7 April 2013

Long time ago last post

I had a bit of a "dip" during this winter. Every body I think has such "dips" and the challenge is to get out of it.
So I decided to start another kind of hobby (I have tooo much hobbies) to get my creative blood flowing again..
I became 65 years of age in Januar and I gave myself a present, a new challenge. I bought a socalled roombox. It is not a  complete dollshouse but only one room.

And it is a shop so I can put all my creativiness (does this word excist?) in it.
Sewing, knitting (Oh, yes, sooo tiny for babies 1/12) embroidery, painting, etc.

So since Januar I have been very busy in surfing the net for information and I bought far too much things to start. There are nowadays so many beautiful things to buy. Not the old fashioned things who were available when I was "young" but more modern things. But I like the Romantic, shabby chic style, so it will be a combination of different styles.

I will call my shop "Dreams", because this dollhouse is/was a dream of mine for many years and I will sell all kind of selfmade things in my shop. Like baby stuff en juwelry and really nice things for women. I hope it will become a really Dream shop.

I started a new blog, you can use the tab "dollhouses, miniature" that you will see above this page and I hope to see you there also.

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