Thursday, 18 October 2012

Autumn: watercolour paintings berries and a drawing of a chestnut/leave

Here in Holland it is Autumn right now. Lots of wind and rain.
Leaves are falling down, their colours changing from green to red/brown/yellow.
Lots of berries in different colors. Most of them are orange or red.
I drew a chestnut leave and a chestnut and painted some berries.
A real challenge but these colors are really inspiring.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

at last... started sculpting again ... little baby

At last I started sculpting again.
The last couple of years I was sooo busy with drawing and painting that there was no time left to sculpt dolls.
But after I received a couple of emails from very enthousiastic people who want to start sculpting I became enthousiastic myself again.
I have a lot of little baby heads already baked and waiting for their other parts.
So I took one of those little heads, the one I love most, and started to give him/her a body of clay.
I want to experiment (as always) and give this doll a sculpted body but the shoulders and hips will get a cloth part so the arms and legs can be moved so it will be possible to positioning him/her in different ways.
And still, the tummy and back will be visible.
Hmmmmm, great plans, big task.
Why Oh why I just do not sculpt every time the same kind of doll??? As so many do?
Ah well, I keep saying to myself that this way I am learning all the time and hopefully get better and better in what I do.
Soon I will put some pictures of the doll to show him/her to you.
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