Friday, 14 September 2012

excercise for masterdrawing Cyclamen

I am studying also for the course of Leonie Norton, a distance learning course in botanical art.
I choose the cyclamen as a project and for practice I made some drawings of the flowers. They are like butterflies. These studies are for a masterdrawing of the cyclamen.

branches, apples and pears in pencil and watercolour




Tomorrow I start with a course of Margriet Honingh, a Dutch botanical artist.
Untill now I did courses through the internet so it is wonderfull that I will get advice and guidance in person.
I feel very excited about it.

Although I can read and write the English language well it is a relieve to ask questions in Dutch this time.
For the first class she asked to draw and if possible to paint a branch with some leaves and a whole apple or pear and an apple or pear cut in half. And of course................. I did both:-)
I have a couple of tiny apple and pear trees in my garden so I choose branches of those trees to complement the drawings of the apples and the pears.

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