Saturday, 29 October 2011

listed my E-book on CD at Ebay!!!!! ship worldwide.

A lovely present for the holidays!

I just listed my E-book again at Ebay. ebay-listing
My book is called : "Little babies of Clay" In my book I show you step by step how to sculpt a life-size babydoll out of clay.
The auction is only for 7 days till the 5th of November.
But of course you always can order my E-book directly with me for an even lower price.
And you can either receive my E-book by email or I can put it on CD and send it to you by Priority/Airmail.
Please visit my Ebay-listing to see the detailed description of what my book has to offer.
Or you can email me directly at email adress

Thursday, 13 October 2011

new distance learning course

Last week I started a new distance learning course with Julie Douglas.
I met her through another distance course and when I read her blog I knew that her way of teaching is what I have been looking for.
She is just such a lovely and enthousiastic lady.
I received the first 8 excercises with warm ups and I am very busy right now with learning to draw and to do it with a different approach.
Just to look at the negative spaces and that way building up a drawing.
So not drawing the objects but the objects will develop while drawing the spaces between the objects.
Very refreshing indeed. You can take a look at her work and her teaching at:
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