Sunday, 10 July 2011

some new studies botanical illustration

 above= colored pencil
below= watercolor on Arches HP
Anemone Japanese

colored pencil = leave Acer

watercolor and pencil on Arches HP = garlic

watercolor on Arches HP = Hypericum

Kerria Japonica
watercolor and on the right colored pencil on Arches HP


  1. nice work Ans,good luck with your course xx

  2. Botanicals are always so interesting. Love the garlic.

  3. Thanks very much Claire, it is not an easy course:-)) I have a lot to learn

  4. Thanks very much Deborah for your compliment.

  5. These are just lovely! I would really like to be able to take a class like that! nancy

  6. Nanke, thanks very much.
    If you want some guidance in Botanical illustration I highly recommend the book: Botanical sketchbook of Mary Ann Scott. ISBNnr.: 9781596682320
    She studied at the SBA= The Society of Botanical Artists.
    In her book you can follow her journey while she makes all her excercises and assigments for the diploma course. It is almost like you participate yourself and you can do the execercises and assigments to learn from.
    At you can take a look inside the book:
    At the book is very reasonable prized.

  7. had a great time looking through your blog! keep posting!

  8. Thanks Revelle, I hope indeed you will come back:-)))


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