Sunday, 24 July 2011

just finished water color small hydreangea

Just finished this little bundle of flowers. They grow in my garden and I love the transparant colors of some of them. Others are very vribrant and not so transparent and I have a couple of them with different colors. From blue to purple to white to pink etc. And once they have bloomed the colors fade and the pale green and soft sand colors are also beautiful to look at.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

sketch pastel still life and workingplace

I took a photo of one of my workingplaces that I have made a couple of month ago.
My great wish is to have a workingplace at a window facing North but...... I have to be satisfied with a window facing West. Therefor I like to work with a daylight lamp and in the evening to get better highlights and shadows.
The worktop is more than 2 meters long and there are some cupboards beneath it.
So all my materials are on hand.
But I also have in a corner in my livingroom a table special for working with oils. That way I can keep, the sometimes messy oils and also the brushes, separate from the pastel, watercolor and acryl work.

You can see the setup of a still life of some fruit.
The sketch at my easel is a different setup but with the same fruit of orange, nectarine and bananas,  and I worked on it at daytime as you can see at the shadows and highlights.
 I am working right now at the setup you can see in front of the window and I will place the picture of this second still life real soon.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

some new studies botanical illustration

 above= colored pencil
below= watercolor on Arches HP
Anemone Japanese

colored pencil = leave Acer

watercolor and pencil on Arches HP = garlic

watercolor on Arches HP = Hypericum

Kerria Japonica
watercolor and on the right colored pencil on Arches HP

Friday, 8 July 2011

water color chart for mixing greens

I always had so many troubles in mixing greens and painting leaves so therfor I am very busy right now with painting leaves. To help me I made a large color chart of greens. And I am amazed how many color greens and browns and shadowcolors you can mix. It will be a big help to me. Perhaps it will be of some help for others too. You can click on the charts to see the names of the colors.

Today I also painted the leaves of a Prunus Larocerasus. Click to enlarge

watercolor charts

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