Wednesday, 22 December 2010

portrait of 3 bassethounds pastel first stage

Last week I started at another commission: a portrait of 3 bassethounds. Father and his two sons.

The owners they live close by and I know them for a long time because I meet them when I am walking my dogs. I told them I would love to portrait one of their dogs. They are so adorable and colorfull. They already have several paintings of their dogs but they also wanted to have a portrait of father and his two sons together.

So I took a lot of photos so they could choose the ones they like the most. And I put them together in several different setups so they had the choice which one they wanted. I like it when the owners and I decide together about the photos and the layout before I start.

For this portrait I use only pastelpencils, 3 different brands.
Chiaconda, Pitt and I gave myself a Christmas gift: Carbothellos. The paper I work on is Canson Mi Teintes, the smooth side.
All these materials are so expensive. But I pay my materials with the money I earn when a portrait is sold. So I can keep drawing and painting and stay busy. Especcially in wintertime and during the Christmas holidays, because these days are lonely days for me. And therefor having a task and a challenge is important for me so I do not feel to sad.

The first head is for 2 third almost ready, but there are always little tweeks to do.

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