Wednesday, 22 December 2010

2 portraits, sister and brother, pencil drawing

A couple of months ago I finished two portraits of two little children. They are brother and sister and her grandmother wanted to have a portrait of them for her 70th birthday.
I took a lot of photos of the two children in the garden of their grandmother. It so much rewarding and fun to take my own photos, but it is not easy with children. They do not sit still. But I got many good photos to choose from. The grandmother was very satisfied about the portraits, I am glad to say that. Every new project is a real adventure and when I start I always feel insecure. But when I start at a commission there are no strings attached. I only sell the portrait when I am satisfied and the potential buyer only have to buy when he/she is satisfied. So no stress and pressure and I need that to feel free while drawing/painting.
These pictures are © protected!!

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