Saturday, 13 November 2010

leaf excercise

 I am trying to paint leafs, I find it so difficult to paint them.
So I will paint many leafs the next couple of days and I hope it will get better and easier.
At first I made a pencil drawing especcially for the veins, with pen and ink I made the lines more visible to use it to transfer the drawing to the watercolor paper.  First I painted the front of the leaf and right now I am painting the back of the leaf

last commission: portrait of a little boy

This is the last portrait I have made. Today I showed it to his grandmother and I am glad to say that she liked his little face. His name is Bram.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Billy Showell DVD's and books

I gave myself an early Christmass present. I ordered two new DVD's of Billy Showell about painting fruits and vegetables and A-Z flowerportraits. I cannot wait to watch them. Today I looked at a DVD of her I already had for some time, I think her first DVD, about painting a tulip and orchids. Such an inspiration to see her working. Tomorrow I will buy a simular orchidplant and I will try-out her way or painting. I think it will be a great excercise in painting techniques and what colors to use.

onion excercise watercolor

 This is my first excercise for the course at Londonartcolege about higlights and working wet in wet and such.
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