Saturday, 2 October 2010

selfmade greyscale finder

Today I have made a greyscale finder.

A while ago I already painted a greyscale with acrylicpaint but I wanted to make one that would be more suitable for me to work with. So I used the greyscale I already had painted and put 3 rows of them on a clear sheet of thick plastic.
Because of the transparancy of the sheet I can find the right value far better.
I put a colored piece of paper underneath it so you can see the transparancy of the greyscale finder better.

Not only I can use the gaps or holes in the grey pieces of paper but I can also look at the spaces between the greys and be able to compare them very quick.

I used doubleside tape to attached the pieces of paper to the plastic sheet and put clear tape over them to protect the paper.
I wanted to have 5 or 6 greys to use for the earlier stages of drawing and painting.
The row in the middle has a small hole in them and the other row is at one side and has larger holes.
And for the final stages of my painting I like to see more tones so I added a third row of 10 values at the other end of the plastic piece.

I know, these greyscales are not expensive, but here in Holland I could not find them and I love to make my own things. While making the pieces of grey and the grey scale I had a lot of fun and of course I learned something from it, like always


  1. Whow! You are quite talented! And in such a variety of mediums. I'm really impressed! How do I subscribe to your blog? I clicked on 'Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom)" and I get a page with HTML coding. How does it work?

  2. Thanks very much for your lovely compliments!:-)))) I do not know how to subscribe to a blog, I find it a bit confusing myself. I think that you can become a member or a follower. But I have to find out how everything works. I hope you will find it out.
    many greetings, Ans Werker


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