Tuesday, 21 September 2010

new oil painting, still life

I started a new still life oil painting. I bought the DVD's of Elizabeth Pruitt and WOW these DVD's are so good! By watching her I learned so much and I am trying to paint the same still life to learn even more. These are the first two stages. I bought the same roses of the still life and took a lot of photos in different stages as a reference to help me.


  1. Nagyon szeretem Elizabeth munkáit. Én is megfestettem ezt a csendéletet, sajnos a háttér szinét nem találtam el, mint Te. Gratulálok neked, jól sikerült a festményed. Rose

  2. translation comment anonymous from Hongary:
    I really like the works of Elizabeth. I also painted this still life, unfortunately I could not find the background color you like you. I congratulate you, well done to the paintings. Rose

    Thanks very much Rose for your lovely comment.

  3. Thanks you the translation comment..:) Rózsa


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