Wednesday, 13 January 2010

oil painting, little girl reading, second color layer

I added some more color to this painting. Of course ....... in real the painting is longer.
I corrected it a bit with Paint Shop but.... Ohhhh, taking good photographs is sooo hard to do and often the results are so disappointing:-))))) If anyone has a good tip for me..... please contact me.

Ah well, I cannot change it. The painting is far to big to put it on the scanner. My previous painting, a pastel portrait of a Chow I did scan it once finished. I still had to scan it though in two parts and had to put the parts together with using Paint Shop Pro. It took a lot of time to do so, but the result is so much better than when I photograph the painting.

Of course painting is far from finished, but it has to dry befor I can put another layer of color on.


  1. Looks great!
    And yes, taking pictures of larger paintings is hard. The best way I think, is in a sunny day under the shade and without a flash, but still sometimes the oils or the texture of the canvas will make funny bright spots.

  2. This painting is coming along beautifully! I have enjoying going through your blog today.

  3. Your site is amazing you branch out (successfully) in SO many directions. How interesting!

  4. Beautiful picture. So sweet and colorful.


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