Wednesday, 18 November 2009

oil paint still life studies peppers and fruit

Just for fun and to experiment with different types of underlayers and to see how it looks when I add a colorlayer on top of it I have made these 2 studies.
One with an umber underlayer and one with an underlayer of grey tones.
In real the painting with the appel, pear and citron the underlayer of grey tones shines beautiful through the very thin color layer. The photo does not give a good impression of this subtible transparancy. I will try to put another thin colorlayer on to see if the transparancy still be there.
I am not so satifies about the underlayer of umber with the peppers. It is a very heavy color and when I added a colorlayer on top of it I have to use a less transparance color layer. I think that this kind of underlayer is more suitable in case of using thicker layers of color on top of it.

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