Thursday, 24 September 2009

oilpaint two sisters first layers

A couple of days ago I started a little painting (20x30cm).
I am going to paint a part of a painting of William Bouguereau called: deux soeurs.
I am a member of and every month they have another subject to study from.

I will try to paint like the old masters :-)))) (don't laugh).
I already made some layers of the underlayer (grisaille) and tonight I hope to finish this underlayer, so tomorrow I can start with the first "dead"layer.
That is called that way because several layers of a neutral greyish white color is added. In the same tones as the underlayer.

When the underlayer has as much detail as possible and good tones it will be a great help by building up this "dead"layer. On this layer finally will be added layers and layers of transparant colors. I hope to achieve the same result as the old master had: that because of all the layers the painting will "glow" and seems lively. It will take a lot of time before this painting is finished. Therefor I will start, another one hopefully tomorrow. Also a painting of William Bouguereau, this time I will paint the full picture and the canvas will be a bit bigger.

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