Wednesday, 30 September 2009

oilpainting 2 sisters, first deadlayer

At last I began to paint the deadlayer, not finished yet.
It took me approx 6 hours to get this far with the deadlayer.
In real there are more details to see and it is more crispier and fine.
It is so difficult to get a good photo of a painting.

The deadlayer is the underlayer before I will add color.
The color of the deadlayer is neutral and has a lot of detail and tones. They will shine through the colorlayers and will give depth to the painting.

This is the first time I work this way with oilpaint and I love it!

Friday, 25 September 2009

oil painting, 2 sisters, next underlayer

Last night I put another raw umber layer on, in real the painting is softer and the highlights not so white.
I am not yet satisfied, some detail has to be added and also some shadow.
Overall the uderlayer is still not yet finished, but I hope tomorrow evening I can start to put the first dead layer on.

Thursday, 24 September 2009

oilpaint two sisters first layers

A couple of days ago I started a little painting (20x30cm).
I am going to paint a part of a painting of William Bouguereau called: deux soeurs.
I am a member of and every month they have another subject to study from.

I will try to paint like the old masters :-)))) (don't laugh).
I already made some layers of the underlayer (grisaille) and tonight I hope to finish this underlayer, so tomorrow I can start with the first "dead"layer.
That is called that way because several layers of a neutral greyish white color is added. In the same tones as the underlayer.

When the underlayer has as much detail as possible and good tones it will be a great help by building up this "dead"layer. On this layer finally will be added layers and layers of transparant colors. I hope to achieve the same result as the old master had: that because of all the layers the painting will "glow" and seems lively. It will take a lot of time before this painting is finished. Therefor I will start, another one hopefully tomorrow. Also a painting of William Bouguereau, this time I will paint the full picture and the canvas will be a bit bigger.

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

oilpaint study black and white

I want to learn to paint like the old masters, so I am studying hard.
This is a study in painting only with black and white paint. I will use such black and white layer as an underlayer for my paintings.

I love this way of painting and the result of it. The paintings of the old masters glow and that is the result of the underlayers of paint before color layers are added.
Right now I am in the first fase of several paintings I am going to paint. I will try to paint some paintings of old masters. That way I will study their way of painting.

Thursday, 17 September 2009

oilpainting flowers next fase

This is the next fase of the oilpainting, vase with flowers. Still not finished though, but I used more medium so I have to wait till it is dry to put the next layers on.

Monday, 14 September 2009

watercolor tulip finished

This watercolor painting is finally finished.
However after I took this picture I found that some arias perhaps need a bit more darker green.
It is always difficult to know when to stop.

oilpainting flowers excercise

I just started an oilpainting.
It is an excercise in painting with thin layers using Liquin as a medium.
I use a watercolor painting of Jan Kunz as reference.
This is just the beginning, many layers are needed.

Thursday, 3 September 2009

flower watercolor finished

This flower is so complex because of all the folds, shadows, different parts and color mixing. I hope it is still recognisable as a flower. I used an example out of "Glorious garden flowers" of Susan Harrison-Tustain as an exercise. And I learned a lot while painting this flower. I hope you like it.
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