Sunday, 30 August 2009

brushes of Billy Showell

Yesterday I received the brushes I ordered with Billy Showell.
Wow! they are lovely. Long hairs and a beautiful fine point. Just the brushes I was looking for and great additions to the brushes I already had.

I am studying hard in working with watercolor, but it takes a lot of time to finish one.
And yesterday I ruined a watercolor painting of an orchid. I made a red smudge and I could not get rid of it. So I decided to paint a background. But I know that I am not good at backgrounds and .......................... yes, I ruined it:-)))))) Ah, well, I learned from it.

So today I started a new one, this is the very first stage.
The grey dark forms are the stems, I covered them with masking fluid.

The other pictures are some of my colourmixing cards I make when I am painting. They are realy useful references while painting.


  1. Ans, I am also working from Billy Showell's book and wonder what about the brushes is different than others because I have so many and to get to the States it will be more expensive than to the Netherlands.

  2. I have the DVD's of Billy and when I saw her working with those brushes......... I knew that, although I already had a lot of other brushes, I wanted to buy hers:-)))) They have long hairs with a long sharp point so you can paint very detailed and fine. They hold a lot of water and pigment and I learned from watching her painting to use the length of a brush and not only the tip. Billy is a lovely lady and her shippingcosts are reasonable, so please send her an email to ask.
    I wish you lots of joy in painting!
    many greetings Ans

  3. Hartelijk bedankt, Ans, I will give it a go and send an email.


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