Sunday, 26 July 2009

watercolor pallet

Yesterday I have made a watercolor pallet to have an overview of my palet and to help me to find the right colors.
Every color has two different parts: 1 with only layer and one with 2 layers
I also put in the name of the brand and if the color is Transparant or otherwise.
I hope this all will help me.
I also have made a big piece of paper on which I will put all the 36 colors mixed with each other.
That is a lot of work so I will take some time to make it. In total I will have 1266 different colors and mixes.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

drawings and paintings

Last year I started drawing and painting again using several materials.
Like pastel, oil, pencil and watercolor. I do not have much experience with watercolor, so I wanted to give it a try. I bought some books and DVD's, mostly about painting flowers.
I love figurative painting, such as botanical painting.
So I am study hard, but it is not easy.
But I finally found the kind of watercolor paper I like, the hotpress. It is smooth and you can paint wet in wet but also very detailed on dry paper.
I placed some of my paintings, but I hope to put some of my studies of watercolor very soon.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

libel and spider

It is such a fun thing to do, to sit in my garden and watch spiders and other insects.
The little libel wat sitting on a leave next to my little pond. This little one does not have much color.
I already have seen the bigger ones, the dragonflies, and I hope to photograph one real soon. They are so colorfull.
The spider made his web and was waiting for his meal while hanging under a leaf .

a tiny fly, only 2 mm

So difficult to photograph such a small fly, I already tried several times. The bottom one is taken with flash to get more details. I find it incredible to see such detail in such a tiny animal.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

new photos, insects, flowers, macro

Several new photos taken with my macro lens: Tamron 90mm 2,8
It is not easy to take Macro photos.
A bit of wind or the insect moves and everything is out of focus and blurred.
My tripod and the times is a big help.
I am learning with each photo.
It is a shame that I cannot show the photos as large as they are, so details get a bit lost.
But I hope you will like them still.

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