Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Chihuahua portrait

This morning I finished a portrait of a little Chihuahua.
At last I did finished something.
The last weeks it was too hot here in the Netherlands to do anything and I mostly studied and made a lot of studies of different botanical subjects.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to take another (the second) course with Dianne Sutherland. I already am a student for the botanical watercolour course and I had the feeling that I want to get a step further with drawing botanical subjects.

I hope you like this little portrait, it took me ages to complete. It is a gift. I hope they will be pleased.

Saturday, 28 June 2014

Camelia painting finished

After a long time I finally finished a little painting of a Camelia. Due to illness I could not do much the last months. But..... there it is and I think I finally get it: how to work with watercolour paint. It was so often so frustating and such a struggle. Often my thoughts were: I give up and stays with what I can....... drawing. But I cannot stand it when I cannot do something so finally I think I found the way I like to paint.

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Billy Showell started an online course

Billy Showell started an online course. You can be a student for a month or for longer. You can pay each month or she has also the possibillity to pay in advance for a year  at a cheaper price.
It costs you only  9.99 GBP and for a full year 89.88 GBP.

Every two weeks she will be adding a new project.
And you can view 5, 6 or even 9 videos about one subject.
These videos are such a delight.
Her previous videos also were very informative but these videos are and will be made like she wanted them to be and she is sooo much more relaxed.
The quality of the videos are superb.
So........ I think you can understand by now: I am very delighted that she started these online tutorials.
In case you want to see some free videos... you will find them also at her website so you can see what you will get.
This is the subscribe page: subscription page Billy Showell

Thursday, 5 September 2013

autumn, some tiny paintings

I am practising painting tiny objects and use small brushes. I am also very busy in practising dry brush techniques. Sooo much to learn:-)
This time I painted a rose hip, a haselnut still in its green jacket and a maple seed.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

anemone drawing first stage

At the moment I am working at an anemone drawing.
I want to add more flowers/buds to the composition because it is not in balance. So already I added one tinier flower on the left and I have to work out what to add next.
 I love drawing!

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

cyclamen leaves, excercise watercolour

For my online course Botanical Art with Leonie Norton I choose the Cyclamen for my masterdrawing and painting.
My next assignment is therefor to paint two leaves of the Cyclamen, front and back.

I do not have much experience with watercolor and I am really struggling. But slowly I think I am getting somewhere and I discover what kind of technique(s) I like.

I took some photos of the leaves, not yet finished but I do not know at the moment how to proceed. So I put them away, practise a bit more and look at them again after a while to see if I can make them better and of course how to do that. It is a bit difficult because at the moment there are no cyclamen available so I only have my notes and drawings to work from.
To see if I painted the right tones I altered the painting in black and white with the help of Paint Shop Pro.

The second two photos are altered, I made the paintings darker with the help of Paint Shop Pro so I could  see what they would look like if I add more darker layers of paint. Again I changed the colours into black and white to see the tones.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

watercolour paint, charts, brushes and such

Lately I have been very busy with painting watercolour charts and practising with watercolour paint.
Oh boy, how difficult working with watercolour paint is.
I already learned a lot but still....... I am struggling. I rearranged my paint boxes to make it more easy and made colour charts with the basic colours.

In one box at the first row I put the basic colours because I realise I first have to learn to paint with limited colours. I have to start at the beginning.

In the second row are colours all transparant and the third row are the opaqua colours.

In my second paintbox I put all the other colours, mostly ready mixed colours.

I think I have to get used to mix my own colours so I put these extra colours away for a while till I have more experience in mixing colours.
The watercolour paints are Winsor & Newton artists paints.

What I have learned so far?
  • I must take a full load paint in my brush so I have enough liquid to be able to manipulatie the paint and to cover enough paper without I have to fill my brush in between.
  • I need to use a brush that is big enough so I can cover a whole area.
  • I need to hold the brush more closely to the hairs to have more controle.
  • I need to mix enough paint.
  • And most of all, I have to try out my mixes and paint and check it before I use it for my painting.
  • I have to wait till the paint is dry before I add another layer (patience, patience!)
  • Not to scribble.
  • To wait till the paper is not too wet when I add a next layer.
I have cheap, less cheap, expensive, more expensive and very expensive brushes like Winsor & Newton nr.7 and Rosemary & Co brushes.
And I really can feel and experience the difference between all of them.

Last year and this year I have been saving and buying 2 beautiful sets of W&N nr 7 brushes.
I want to save them till later when I have more experience with working with watercolour paint.
But I have an extra nr. 2 W&N nr 7 brush and I use this brush to practise with. I love this brush.
Last year I bought nr 4,5 and 6 for 49.95 GBP and this year nr. 0, 1, 2 and 3 for 29.95 GBP from Ken Bromley Art Supplies in the UK
As far as I know they have the lowest prices and their shippingcosts are reasonable.

Furthermore I bought some brushes from Rosemary & Co in the UK.
Some of serie 33 and some of series 323.
They are a bit cheaper than the W&N 7 and I use them to practise and I really love these brushes, not only for practising. They are lovely to work with. These brushes have a very good reputation and they are worth the money for sure.

The cheaper brushes I use for mixing colours and for lifting out and such.

I feel very fortunate that I own  these brushes.

But now the only thing I have to do is:
"learning how to paint with watercolour:-)"

Thursday, 27 June 2013

charcoal drawing dog

I just finished this drawing for the course of Val Webb: a drawing with charcoal in black and white. And I could not help myself to put some colour into the eyes.
In real the fur is a bit softer, not so white, more greyish

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Drawing of a cat for the course of VAL Webb

I just finished a pencil drawing of a cat for Lesson 2 of a online course with Val Webb.
She is such a wonderful teacher and I enjoy her distance courses sooooo much! Thanks Val.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

sketches of the Rododendron

In my neighbours garden there are some beautiful Rododendrons in bloom at the moment. In my own garden I have a bright red colored one, but these sketches are of some pale blue/purple flowers. Such a feast, all those colors. So I made some sketches to explore.
I promised to myself that the next couple of weeks I will concentrate on drawing and painting leaves. The next assignments for either Leonie Norton and Julie Douglas are to paint leaves. I find it so hard to paint them, so I have to practise a lot and a lot to finally succeed in painting some good leaves.

Thursday, 25 April 2013

long time not posted anything

I posted nothing news for a while. This was caused by illness and because I started something new. Yes, I bought a dollhouse shop and I have been busy in making plans for it and also I practised in miniature knitting and embroidery. And that all takes a lot of time. I never sculpted such tiny dolls. I hope I will succeed.

But I love drawing and painting and sculpting so I am working at sculpting some miniature baby dolls  and I will start an online course by Valery Webb in drawing cats and dogs in the beginning of May. I already did take a course with her and she is such a wonderfull teacher. I hope that doing this course I will get started with my other courses with Leonie Norton and Julie Douglas. It certainly helps that Spring is finally there.
My little garden is already filled with spring flowers and temperatures are rising.

In the coming months I will have a commission in drawing a little white dog in pastel.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Long time ago last post

I had a bit of a "dip" during this winter. Every body I think has such "dips" and the challenge is to get out of it.
So I decided to start another kind of hobby (I have tooo much hobbies) to get my creative blood flowing again..
I became 65 years of age in Januar and I gave myself a present, a new challenge. I bought a socalled roombox. It is not a  complete dollshouse but only one room.

And it is a shop so I can put all my creativiness (does this word excist?) in it.
Sewing, knitting (Oh, yes, sooo tiny for babies 1/12) embroidery, painting, etc.

So since Januar I have been very busy in surfing the net for information and I bought far too much things to start. There are nowadays so many beautiful things to buy. Not the old fashioned things who were available when I was "young" but more modern things. But I like the Romantic, shabby chic style, so it will be a combination of different styles.

I will call my shop "Dreams", because this dollhouse is/was a dream of mine for many years and I will sell all kind of selfmade things in my shop. Like baby stuff en juwelry and really nice things for women. I hope it will become a really Dream shop.

I started a new blog, you can use the tab "dollhouses, miniature" that you will see above this page and I hope to see you there also.

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Autumn: watercolour paintings berries and a drawing of a chestnut/leave

Here in Holland it is Autumn right now. Lots of wind and rain.
Leaves are falling down, their colours changing from green to red/brown/yellow.
Lots of berries in different colors. Most of them are orange or red.
I drew a chestnut leave and a chestnut and painted some berries.
A real challenge but these colors are really inspiring.

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

at last... started sculpting again ... little baby

At last I started sculpting again.
The last couple of years I was sooo busy with drawing and painting that there was no time left to sculpt dolls.
But after I received a couple of emails from very enthousiastic people who want to start sculpting I became enthousiastic myself again.
I have a lot of little baby heads already baked and waiting for their other parts.
So I took one of those little heads, the one I love most, and started to give him/her a body of clay.
I want to experiment (as always) and give this doll a sculpted body but the shoulders and hips will get a cloth part so the arms and legs can be moved so it will be possible to positioning him/her in different ways.
And still, the tummy and back will be visible.
Hmmmmm, great plans, big task.
Why Oh why I just do not sculpt every time the same kind of doll??? As so many do?
Ah well, I keep saying to myself that this way I am learning all the time and hopefully get better and better in what I do.
Soon I will put some pictures of the doll to show him/her to you.

Friday, 14 September 2012

excercise for masterdrawing Cyclamen

I am studying also for the course of Leonie Norton, a distance learning course in botanical art.
I choose the cyclamen as a project and for practice I made some drawings of the flowers. They are like butterflies. These studies are for a masterdrawing of the cyclamen.

branches, apples and pears in pencil and watercolour




Tomorrow I start with a course of Margriet Honingh, a Dutch botanical artist.
Untill now I did courses through the internet so it is wonderfull that I will get advice and guidance in person.
I feel very excited about it.

Although I can read and write the English language well it is a relieve to ask questions in Dutch this time.
For the first class she asked to draw and if possible to paint a branch with some leaves and a whole apple or pear and an apple or pear cut in half. And of course................. I did both:-)
I have a couple of tiny apple and pear trees in my garden so I choose branches of those trees to complement the drawings of the apples and the pears.

Sunday, 8 July 2012

watercolour painting of a courgette

Last night (very late) I finished a painting of a courgette. What a great fun that was.
First to paint with liquid masking film all these tiny spots to cover them up. That took some time.

Monday, 25 June 2012

balloon flower, ink and watercolour

I had lots of fun working with ink again. First I did a drawing with ink and than I did another one and made tones with dots of ink and filled it in with watercolour.

I used Arches Hp and Indian ink with a dip pen.

Friday, 22 June 2012

external/distance course Botanical Art, Leonie Norton

I searched the internet to find a distance learning course for Botinical Illustration and finally I found one: Leonie Norton and she lives in Australia.
Hopefully at the end of next week I will receive my first study materal with the 2 first units.
I cannot wait to get started.

I almost finished another distance learning course at a College in the United Kingdon, but that was a real disappointment.
Too much money for so little.
Only 4 critiques and almost no possibillities to get in contact with the tutor.

I already do a course with Julie Douglas in Ireland for Drawing and Painting; I learned so much from her and she is such a lovely lady and a great teacher.
I get the impression that Leonie Norton is also a great teacher with lots of experience and she is a great accomplished Botanical artist herself.
So I have lots to do the coming months/years and I hope to share my journey at my blog

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

watercolour portrait of a Clematis

I just finished a portrait of a Clematis plant. Right now it is blooming in my garden. I have several different plants with very big flowers, so not the tiny ones. It was not easy to get the right color, and at the photo the color is more bluish. In real the painting is more purple.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

hosta leaves watercolor excercise

I just finished a watercolor painting of some hosta leaves. I used an example from the book by Margaret Stevens to draw from. I am studying very hard with watercolor and I learned a lot by painting these leaves.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

botanical paintings of a tulip

I just finished some watercolour paintings of some tulips. This time I studied how to add an underlayer of neutral paint and how the result are when I added the coloured washes on top of it.
I also painted the same tulip in red acrylic. That was real fun to do. A total different outcome in comparison with the watercolour version.
I learned a lot doing this such as that I do not like to paint an underlayer of a neutral grey tone first.

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

watercolour study of tones using only Payne's grey

I did a  study of mostly white ojects and one dark object by using only Payne''s Grey watercolor paint.
That is such a good excercise for me.
Furthermore some parsnips, this time with color but again to learn to see tones.
I did these excercises for the online course of Julie Douglas. She is such a darling and such a great tutor. I learned so much from her and she gives me time after time such a support that I get motivated all the time. Just what I need:-)

Thursday, 1 March 2012

drawing of some shoes

I loved drawing these shoes. Not easy at all. But I am studying tones and this was a great excercise. It took me a couple of evenings to complete it.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

excercises: drawings of an aubergine/tomatoes and a little pepper

Again some excercises.
One of an aubergine and tomatoes to learn to see tones in pencil and one large drawing with charcoal.
The aubergine, very dark is not easy to draw.
Another drawing I did is a little red pepper.
I loved to draw the half pepper, such a joy to draw the seeds and the innerside of the pepper. I had a little trouble in drawing the whole pepper though. The drawing is life-size.

Saturday, 3 December 2011

sketch radish charcoal A3

I recently discovered charcoal again and also that I love to draw at a large scale.
So the radish I drew is A3, so very enlarged and I used 4 different greys and white for this sketch.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

some drawings of mushrooms and gourds

I made some drawings of mushrooms and gourds this week.
The gourds are drawn on cartridgepaper and hb and 2b pencils
For the mushrooms I used charcoal and grey and white chalks
The first mushroom is in real 4 cm and the drawing is approx 26 cm. So a huge mushroom.
But when you work with charcoal you cannot work too tiny.
The drawings of the other mushrooms are also very large.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

listed my E-book on CD at Ebay!!!!! ship worldwide.

A lovely present for the holidays!

I just listed my E-book again at Ebay. ebay-listing
My book is called : "Little babies of Clay" In my book I show you step by step how to sculpt a life-size babydoll out of clay.
The auction is only for 7 days till the 5th of November.
But of course you always can order my E-book directly with me for an even lower price.
And you can either receive my E-book by email or I can put it on CD and send it to you by Priority/Airmail.
Please visit my Ebay-listing to see the detailed description of what my book has to offer.
Or you can email me directly at email adress
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